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Project Examples- Range

Diving Services New Zealand Ltd has successfully completed many varied projects. A range of these has been briefly listed below to show the range of skills and experience that this company can provide.

Slipway Upgrades.

Diving Services was contracted to upgrade the 2000 tonne slipway at the Port of Nelson.This project ran over three months and included clearing the seafloor away using high volume water jet system (developed by Diving Services NZ) from the steel structures and surveying the site. Then the fitting 600 meters of steel track into position using combinations of both cranes and flotation equipment. The tracks were then drilled and bolted into place. New and innovative techniques were developed by Diving Services NZ to make huge cost savings in time and materials for the customer.

Other Slipway works have been undertaken at Greymouth, Lyttelton and a full inspection and consulting service can be provided.

Anodes and Cathodic protection

Diving Services has fitted Cathodic Anodes to Sheet Piling, Vessels, Barges and Pipelines using either 'bolt-on' or 'Weld -on' systems. Providing a full Cathodic protection service to its customers including 'voltage' readings and 'protection mapping'. Diving Services NZ can supply a huge range of zinc and aluminum anodes.

Sheet Piling repairs

Diving Services NZ divers have made many repairs to 'Sheet Piling' on wharves and dams. Either by way of welding or ramset bolts . Systems to offer a continued protection after the repair can also then be provided.

Propeller / Shaft / Nozzle removal In-water

In-water removal can save huge costs and offer options to the client in urgent situations when required. This involves air ram work, ultra- thermic cutting, explosives and custom propeller pullers. Propellers have been removed of up to 2 tonnes in weight.

In-water Surveys

Diving Services NZ has completed many In-water classified surveys. Vessels have included Tug boats, Barges, Oil platforms, Wharves and a vast range of vessels from 180T Fishing vessels to 3000T container ships. Sites such as dams, wharf structures, pipelines and moorings are also common inspection tasks undertaken. Using the latest in digital and 3CCD technology, we pride ourselves on providing the customer with the absolute best picture quality available. Our experienced staff can offer solutions to problems and defects if found and can supply full reporting and documentation services.

Remotely Operated Vehicle

Diving Services NZ owns and operates its own inspection class ROV, rated to 150 meters water depth. Surveys, search and recovery of items as well as for diver assistance are all tasks easily and efficiently undertaken with this high tech addition to the extensive equipment range carried by Diving Services NZ. This unit has just undertaken deepwater inspections off mooring systems for the Oil Industry and provided guidance to the dive team to enable repairs to be made quickly providing huge cost benefits to the client.


Sea floor sampling and surveying has been undertaken throughout New Zealand. Much of this work has been to assist the scientific community. Work has included core sampling, dredging, water and specimen collection and both experienced sampling technicians and specialized vessels are available for work in the field. Specialized equipment can be developed and built 'in house' at one of Diving Services NZ's workshops to provide equipment that is both functional and cost effective. Diving Services NZ has built specialized video sled and benthic sampling equipment to provide the scientific community with a 'total' package. Diving Services NZ also owns an HF Vibracore system for in-water core sampling.

Search and Recovery

From false teeth to heavy machinery and vessels, Diving Services NZ Ltd has completed hundreds of searches and recoveries. Included in the vast array of search equipment we have, are tools including a 150 meter depth rated ROV, under water metal detectors, side scanning sonar and depth profiling equipment, all available to the client who needs to know what's down there.


Diving Services has dedicated itself to the development of a very comprehensive salvage operation. With a large resource of equipment from lift bags - emergency repair patches- vessel transfer equipment- pumping equipment, we are ready to go at little or no notice. Our recovery team is experienced in not only getting the job done but with minimal damage to both the vessel/barge and the environment. We have close alignments with many large support vessels/Tugs/crane operators and can organise the entire operation to ensure smooth operation and coordination.

Contaminated Diving

Diving Services NZ commonly undertakes dives in contaminated environments including sewers and treatment ponds. We carry a very specialized range of equipment to offer this service in a safe and efficient manner. Often we are also capable of cleaning both waste holding tanks and pure water tanks to provide safe cost effective solutions.

Marine Farm Maintenance

Diving Services NZ Divers have had a huge amount of experience working within the Aquaculture Industry both in New Zealand and in Scotland. Services have included; Block and Mooring survey/recovery or location, Farm Surveys, Mussel droppers servicing, Line recovery, Fish farm maintenance and much more. We can provide full diver support and mooring systems.

Propeller Polishing

Diving Services NZ has provided a fast efficient propeller polishing service to the marine industry for over the last 9 years. Vessels up to 3000 tons have been serviced by our team with a quick and efficient system to get the best finish available to the client. Increased fuel savings have given rise to a now permanent 'Propeller Polishing Program" . Customers registered into this service are really smiling at today's fuel prices.

Intake Cleaning

We pride ourselves with having provided hundreds of very efficient Intake service's including HP water jetting / removal and sealing / screen replacement, and internal repair of sea chests have all been undertaken.

Valve Replacements.

In-water valve replacements are quick and very cost effective for the client. With our range of custom made plugs and sealing devices we can safely seal even the most complex shapes.

Transducer Replacements

Our divers have replaced transducers from small pingers to full size Scanmar units, and have completed full relocation of transducer housings involving welding, and complete new housing to a vessel's hull and rewiring 'through-hull'.

Marine Pest Management

Diving Services NZ has been a world leader with programs throughout New Zealand dealing with both control and eradication of several marine pests. Specialized equipment and techniques have been developed by Diving Services NZ to be able to provide the only 100% effective hull cleaning system available. All of our systems are developed with both cost and effectiveness as key components. We have treated over 18,500 wharf piles in the last few years using techniques that have opened up new ideas on what can be done in-water.

Pipeline Works

Diving Services NZ has been involved with the placement, inspection and repair of water supply, drainage and sewer pipelines. Providing a complete underwater service to its customers we work very closely with the client to ensure that the entire operation can run smoothly when large dive teams and surface construction teams are working together. We supply a full marine service including, pre-inspections, consulting, site prep and installation works. We have maintained and serviced diffuser pipestrings using custom made HP jetting equipment. Diving Services NZ owns an underwater pipeline inspection camera that can 'fly' up into pipestrings over 300mm, ID up to 150 mtrs depth and to date, 350mtrs into pipe .

Screw Anchor Installation

Diving Services NZ owns it's own custom-built screw anchor rig capable of setting helical screw anchors at water depths of up to 80 meters (deeper by special request) Our system is one of the largest available and as such can provide a very large anchoring system.

Underwater Welding

Diving Services NZ provides a class underwater welding package. Utilizing the latest in inverter technology and a team of experienced divers, welding projects have been undertaken throughout New Zealand. 

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