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Marine farming services

Diving Services NZ has serviced marine farms for over 20 years. We work on mooring, untwisting droppers, seabed site surveys, and salvage. We have processes to remove twisting without the need to cut droppers.

Diving Services NZ has developed it's own marine Screw Anchor Installation rig. This customized system was developed to provide the marine farming industry with a very powerful and efficient anchoring system. Using this rig, we can provide both ‘shaft less’ and ‘shafted’ anchors and can install large diameter screw anchors in water up to 80 meters deep. This unit is the most powerful of its type and can install anchors even in ‘ocean’ conditions.

We can also provide the orginal 'Seaflex Mooring systems' . These are the genuine product and not the copied products that have come to the market in the last year or two. 

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