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Junior Apprentice Diver

If you are looking for adventure and great work stories, we offer pathways for keen people n to get into the diving industry. We can assist with accessing all the required training and assist with gaining the needed qualifications.

You need to have good basic knowledge of Maths and English, a natural understanding of common sense and be able to identify hazards in your environment . You also need to have a positive attitude with the ability to work with a tight team. Ideally having good work skills with basic tool use and mechanics. Clearly a love of the marine environment and willingness to working on and below water is essential It is important to be fit and of good health to undertake this somewhat physical work and be competent with hand and power tool use. 


Senior Diver

We often looking for a senior divers with good skills and experience , this can include skills in vessel maintenance work and general construction diving. A skippers certification would be preferable. Positions are generally full time and would involve being based in Nelson or Christchurch New Zealand.

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