Diving Services New Zealand Ltd



Diving Services New Zealand Ltd has developed many successful techniques used to treat invasive marine species and has been leading the way with a range of treatment tools and methods that have proven themselves in the difficult marine environment.

Programs have been undertaken with the species such as Didemnum Vexillum , Sabella spallanzanii, Styela clava and Undaira .

These programs have been run through out New Zealand by a team specialized to carry out this type specialized work.

Treatment methods have been very successful with treating:

  • Wharf structures
  • Floating jetties
  • Mussel lines
  • Off shore rigs and installations. Specialized Rig treatments developed by Diving Services NZ Ltd
  • Diving services New Zealand Ltd is the sole New Zealand service supplier for 'OCEANWRAP'TM 
  • Moorings
  • Vessels and barges (to date barges up to 90 meters and up to 130 meters in length have been treated)
  • Seafloor and rock walls


We at Diving Services NZ pride our selves on being able to provide the high level of commitment and quality of service that invasive species control requires. We also provide very high quality data and sample collection services.