Diving Services New Zealand Ltd


The Company

Diving Services New Zealand Ltd was founded in March 2001. The company was first developed to meet the requirements of New Zealands large fishing industry. Much of the initial work revolved around vessel maintenance and general port work. As the company's reputation grew, it expanded to provide services for the construction industry, aquaculture and scientific communities. 

Now Diving Services New Zealand Ltd offers all full range of all underwater services. The company has its own extensive equipment list including:

  • Wet Welding and Ultrathermic burning equipment
  • Hydrolic Drilling /Grinding/ Chainsaw
  • Closed Circuit 3CCD Digital Video
  • 80 tonnes of Air Lift and Salvage equipment
  • SSBA and BA equipment
  • Several purpose built boats
  • Still cameras, Video Sledding equipment
  • Underwater Ramset Guns
  • High volume Water Jet Venturi
  • 150 meter depth rated inspection class ROV with manipulator arm
  • Specialized search equipment , side scan sonar, magnetic , Video

This equipment combined with such a dedicated team will ensure that the customer will have their job done right!

Diving Services New Zealand carries $2,000,000.00 worth of both General and Ship Repairers Public Liability Insurance.

Also an active member of 'Saftey Assist', Diving Services runs fully compliant Health and Safety systems.


Dive team

Diving Services New Zealand Ltd has a great team of very dedicated staff, who all ensure that our clients receive the very best in service and support.

We provide a close working relationship with clients and always ensure that all lines of communication are open so the client is aware of what is happening at all times.

Diving Services New zealand's team is about getting the best possible results for the client in the safest and most efficient way.

Other great benefits of Diving Services New Zealand are provided by the diverse range of skills within the company, combined with a large pool of resources which enables us to use the best equipment available.